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Antibodies from diatoms

Sustainable, high-class and vegan

We offer antibodies from diatoms, which

  1. represent a low-cost alternative to established production processes
  2. do not use animals or animal media,
  3. can be produced on a gram scale within a few weeks,
  4. do not contain endotoxins
  5. have a high homogeneity and stability
  6. already meet the proposals of the EU reference laboratory for alternatives to animal testing
  7. you can use for innovative product lines according to specifications of vegan production

We offer the complete workflow starting from the antibody sequence or your hybridoma cell culture to the purified antibody.

Our company

We are currently preparing the foundation of our company.
If you would like to develop your new product with us, you can currently do so through a research cooperation with the AG Molekulare Biochemie at the Institute of Plant Genetics, Dept. II of Leibniz University Hanover.

Please use our contact form for this purpose.

The data sent will only be processed for the purpose of handling your request. You can find more information in our privacy policy.

c/o Institute of Plant Genetics Dept. II, Leibniz University Hanover
Herrenhäuser Str. 2
D-30419 Hannover