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Antibody production is no longer up to date

Conventional antibody production, established from 50 – 60 years ago, no longer has a future. Due to:

  • Massive quality problems
  • Ethical problems with production in animals and use of animal media
  • Expensive and complex production in animal or human cell cultures
  • Climate damage due to high CO2 emissions

Our advantages

Diatoms produce 25% of the world’s oxygen and they are ideal for the production of proteins such as antibodies. With our optimized workflows, we achieve yields comparable to those from animal cell cultures. Our system is also superior in other aspects:

  • 100 % plant-based
  • Numerous modifications of the antibodies possible
  • Very high reproducibility
  • Easy Upscaling
  • Durable availability

c/o Institute of Plant Genetics Dept. II, Leibniz University Hanover
Herrenhäuser Str. 2
D-30419 Hannover