Antibodies made green.

We are the only producer of vegan antibodies in the world, because we produce the antibodies in diatoms. This enables us to make vegan certified diagnostics.

Our first product is a vegan pregnancy test.



In contrast to conventional antibody production in animals or in animal cell culture, we work completely animal-free – without animal suffering and completely vegan.


We do not use conventional plastics in our pregnancy test. We use bio-plastics, further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.


We are pioneering the production of antibodies in diatoms. We bring a long-needed innovation to the antibody market.

Goals and vision

Animal-free antibodies

Our antibodies are produced without the use of animals or animal products. Our production is efficient, stable in quality and cost effective. We can produce antibodies of any class and origin.

We want to drastically reduce the number of animals used for diagnostic antibodies worldwide!

Vegan diagnostics

With our antibodies, our goal is to produce diagnostic products that are completely free of animal suffering. Our vegan pregnancy test will be available in the year 2025.

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