Stephanie Pfeil-Coenen

CEO Management Finance Sales

“As a founder and a mother, I care about the planet we are leaving for future generations. Vegan Pregnancy Tests are the first step towards animal- and eco-friendly antibodies”.

Dr. Alina Eilers

COO Management Marketing Quality management

“As a vegan, I am excited about every new vegan product. It motivates me every day to be able to independently revolutionize the field of antibody production and thus produce vegan diagnostics”.

Stas Hans

Research & Developement

“Diatoms are robust, resource-conserving and sustainable power plants that we use to produce “green” antibodies. Our team has the goal, the know-how and the motivation to pursue all necessary avenues.”

Eva-Maria Plönnigs

Head of Production Laboratory and Production Management

Ilka Kerren

Production Manager
Cloning- and Upstream Expert

Advisory Board

Dr. Maren Wichmann

She is a molecular biologist by training. Since completing her PhD, she’s been working on recombinant antibodies and heterologous protein production at the Leibniz University of Hannover. She teaches genetics and molecular biology.

Dr. Thomas Reinard

Dr. Reinard’s research group at Leibniz Universität Hannover focuses on the production of medically relevant proteins in plants and diatoms. He is also an active lecturer and author in the field of molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Dr. Gunter Dunkel

Economist and entrepreneur, including member of the supervisory board of Continental AG, managing director of and former chairman of the board of NordLB Hannover.

Dr. Ingo Dahm

A digital pioneer from the very beginning, he is a business angel and investor in impact startups with his company capacura GmbH.

Katharina Borchert

She is a journalist, former managing director of Spiegel Online, and chief innovation officer of Mozilla Corporation.


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