Stephanie Pfeil-Coenen

CEO Management Finance Sales

“As a founder and mother, I care about the planet we leave behind for the next generations. The fact that we will enable pregnancy tests vegan is the first big step for antibody production and therefore for animal and environmental protection. So let’s get to work!”

Dr. Alina Eilers

COO Management Marketing Quality management

“As a vegan, I am excited about every new vegan product. Independently revolutionizing the so important field of antibody production and thus being able to produce vegan diagnostics motivates me every day to give everything for Phaeosynt.”

Stas Hans

Research & Developement

“Diatoms are robust, resource-saving and sustainable power plants. As Phaeosynt, we use these properties in our diatom system for the production of “green” antibodies to revolutionize the diagnostics market. To this end, we as a team have a clear goal, the know-how and the motivation to pursue all necessary avenues. I am very happy to be a part of it.”

Eva Plönnigs

Head of Production Laboratory and Production Management
“Why keep doing things the way they have always been done, when there is another way? We have recognized the great potential of diatoms and can finally produce antibodies vegan, thus sparing many animals their suffering and giving a piece back to nature.”

Advisory Board

Dr. Maren Wichmann

Dr. Thomas Reinard


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